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HITT actively supports the US military and encourages military service members and veterans to review and apply to our career opportunities.


HITT Military

The skills and values honed and demonstrated while serving transfer well to the construction industry and our organization. Our success can be directly related to the contributions of many former service members. You'll be able to continue making a difference and put your skills and experience into action, adding value from day one.

HITT reinforces its support of the military by actively recruiting military service members through military-focused career fairs and job boards. We also salute our service members by supporting military service commitments of our employees with the following military-specific benefits:

Leave of Absence

USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act) provides for a leave of absence for a cumulative period of up to five (5) years. Therefore, HITT employees who are called to qualified military service in the uniformed services are eligible under USERRA for a leave of absence of up to five years, and for certain benefits described below.

Job Reinstatement & Nondiscrimination

When the military duty leave ends, the length of time that the employee has to contact HITT depends on the amount of time spent in service.

When returning from military leave, employees will be placed in the position they would have attained had they remained continuously employed or a comparable one, depending on the length of military service in accordance with USERRA. Employees will be treated as though they were continuously employed for purposes of determining benefits that are based on length of service.

Leave of Absence

Supplemental Compensation

While on military leave, eligible employees will receive supplemental compensation for up to 20 work days each year. Supplemental compensation is the difference in compensation between military pay and what the employee would normally receive as base salary from HITT.

Reserve or National Guard Training

The employee will remain on the payroll and will continue to receive benefits. The employee will be paid the difference between their regular base salary and their regular base military salary for up to 20 days.

Paid Time Off / Accrued Leave

When the employee leaves the company to enter the military and returns to HITT after discharge (per USERRA guidelines), his or her time, up to 20 days, spent on military duty will be counted as service in determining the amount of accrued paid time off to which he or she is entitled to. Seniority continues to accrue.

Supplemental Compensation